Dear Readers,

2014 is drawing to an end. It was a successful year, with great achievements for the FCI and for dogs worldwide.

2015 will be a challenging year for our Federation. We are indeed faced with anti-canine legislations and different issues that might badly affect our beloved 4-paw friends. However, I am convinced that, working together, the FCI team, all over the world, will succeed in overcoming those difficulties, for the benefit of dogs worldwide.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
Interesting facts and figures about the FCI website

The new FCI website has been launched for four months and it is more thrilling than ever to monitor our indicators!

The amount of information one can collect while examining the figures regarding our followers is just amazing. At the FCI General Secretariat, we strive for greater efficiency and we are keen to bring our users the accurate, timely information they search on the information sources we make available.

The table below provides information about FCI website’s visits between August 3rd and December 2nd. Let’s have a look at the figures; you can turn this into a entertaining game by trying to guess (hide the right column ☺ )!

Number of sessions 359,761
Number of users 191,018
Number of page views 2,023,206
Number of pages viewed per session 5,62
Average time on page 00:03:41

Did you guess right???

The average number of sessions per day is as high as 2,949 and 1,566 unique users visit our website every day! Together they visit 16,584 pages per day - which corresponds to 5.62 pages each - spending an average of 3.41 minutes per visit!!! This makes one dizzy…

We have more to tell you: please find the top-ten list of countries visiting FCI website (again, try to guess ☺ !):

1 Germany
2 Russia
3 France
4 Spain
5 Poland
6 Italy
7 Finland
8 Czech Republic
9 Sweden
10 Belgium

For those who can cope with yet another spoonful of data, please check the following list: the top-five of the most popular FCI website pages:

1 Results
2 Homepage
3 Kennel names
4 Schedules
5 Members

These figures, together with the feedback we receive from the FCI community help us to assess our services and to work on the new functionalities we would like to offer you in the future. Thank you for your input!

Marie Luna Durán
FCI Marketing and Public Relations Manager