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2014 is drawing to an end. It was a successful year, with great achievements for the FCI and for dogs worldwide.

2015 will be a challenging year for our Federation. We are indeed faced with anti-canine legislations and different issues that might badly affect our beloved 4-paw friends. However, I am convinced that, working together, the FCI team, all over the world, will succeed in overcoming those difficulties, for the benefit of dogs worldwide.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
Follow up of the FCI Youth initiative: the FCI General Committee approves and confirms support!
On their last meeting in Amsterdam on 3-4 November, the FCI General Committee members unanimously approved the FCI Youth objectives and structure.
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No Tricks Just Treats – Affenpinscher ‘Tricky Ricky’ Wins EWC 2014 in Amsterdam
Amsterdam, December 2014 - The Eukanuba World Challenge 2014 came to a stirring finale on Saturday evening, December 13th, in Amsterdam’s RAI Centre before a packed international crowd. From a stunning field of 12 finalists BIS judge Jorgen Hindse, President of the FCI European Section and President of the Danish Kennel Club, selected ‘Ch. Tricky Ricky from Yarrow Hi-Tech’, the male Affenpinscher from Indonesia representing the World Dog Show 2014, as his “Best of the Best” Eukanuba world Challenge Champion 2014.
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Interesting facts and figures about the FCI website
The new FCI website has been launched for four months and it is more thrilling than ever to monitor our indicators!
The amount of information one can collect while examining the figures regarding our followers is just amazing.
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Junior Ring at the International Dog Show in Jerez de la Frontera (ES), 1-2 November:
Here at the SCAOCC (Sociedad Canina de Andalucía Occidental – Dog Society of Western Andalusia) we have been focusing on our youngest handlers for some time now. We know how interested they are and how much effort they put in as we see this reflected in the way they get involved in the shows and competitions we organise year after year.
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FCI Facebook page : FederationCynologiqueInternationale
We would like to draw our fans’ attention on the fact that our Facebook page is under no circumstances any official organ of the FCI and may not supersede the official communication means with the FCI, i.e. e-mails, post or phone calls.
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“The highest result of education is tolerance…”*
*Quoted from Helen Keller, American author, political activist, and lecturer

The Education Centre to the Lithuanian Kennel Club has been carrying out various educational programmes about dogs aimed at young people for nearly three years now.
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FCI archives: how lucky we are!
One of the most impressive things about the FCI is that, being a hundred-year-old federation, it can be considered as one of the probably restricted number of existing international organisations being able to legitimately claim to be an authentic witness of the last 100 years of contemporary history!
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The domestication and first utilizations of the dog (part 4/5)
Genetic consequences
They are relative, on one hand to the evolution of genetic variability and, on the other hand to the beginning of a raciation process.
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FCI website
On August 10th, 2014 the FCI was proud to announce the launch of a newly-designed website.
This revamped version offers new functionalities, improved navigation and modern design.
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2nd International Dog Health Workshop - February 14–15, 2015 in Dortmund
We would like to cordially invite you to attend the 2nd International Dog Health Workshop, arranged by the German canine organisation (VDH), member of the FCI, on February 14–15, 2015 in Dortmund. The workshop is arranged as a following-conference event to the 1st Workshop in Stockholm in 2012.
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International Partnership for Dogs (IPFD)
After giving it deep consideration, the FCI General Committee finally decided to be an active part of an important project, namely the creation of the international non-profit making organisation called “International Partnership for Dogs” (IPFD) whose role will be to create and keep updated an extensive website called DogWellNet.
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Photo Gallery
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  • Shows calendar
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  • Races and coursing calendar
  • Visit the FCI stand at a selection of dog shows in 2015 !

    28-29 March in Luxembourg (LU)
    7-10 May in Baku (AZ)
    11-14 June at FCI World Dog Show in Milan (IT)
    4-6 September at FCI European Section Dog Show in Lillestrom/Oslo (NO)
    9-11 October in Athens (GR)

    As usual you will have the opportunity to take our quiz and try to win Cobby, the FCI mascot !

    We look forward to meeting you!

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